Firstly Present “Happy Hub’s Model”

Due to we are change makers of Penguin Incubation Program, initiated by School of Changemakers. This great opportunity came up to us for telling our story, process, social model as well as learning from attendees’ opinions.

While we were presenting our inspiration on Happy Hub’s model, we were actually excited and empowered by the audience. Everyone shared various ideas and innovative solutions as well. Moreover, we had a networking session with high potential people from different organizations. It was such a fabulous moment to thrive the energy highly.

We would like to thank you all for kind coming. Every comment and suggestions were very precious and valuable to develop ideas which are able to create the most social impacts for the beneficiaries. As well as a better place will be emerging in Bangkok soon.

Photo credit: School of Changemakers, Pear, Hua Namtip

Date: June 6th, 2018

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