Visiting Klongsan

Visiting New Canal Community Area

On the rainy day, Happy Hub had a meeting with Mr.Kwanhatai Cholsuk (P’ Kwan), leader of Wanaran community at soi Charoennakorn 14, Klongsan district, Bangkok.

Mr.Kwan has been chatting with us for almost 3 hours. He welcomed us and shared his personal life with his family. His parents used to sell cooking coal for a living until mangrove woods became scarce. After a long period of coal burning, it harmed their health. This is when they decided to change their lifestyle and occupation.

20 years ago, their family built an apartment which becomes their main source of income. Giving Mr.Kwan enough time to work in community services as the leader of Wanaran community and a volunteer police. He has also organized a Narcotics Cooperation Center and has been working with the community for a long time.

Wanaran community has an urban lifestyle. Most of the residents have middle to higher-income in various field ranges from a public sector, a private sector and a service sector. Many residents also sell street foods and open restaurants along the 2 kilometers road towards the community.

Later we had a meeting with Mr.Polkul Anchaleekornee, chief of Community Development and Social Welfare Section, Khlong San district, who will give us basic information on communities in the district.
We have seen a great determination to improve water quality and to link each canal together with Chao Phraya river.

We had a discussion with the civil engineer about the process, design and public participation. Everyone, whether you are from academic, public sector, local community, and private sectors, can be a part of creating and improving this area.

Happy Hub would like to thank you School of Architecture and Design (SOA+D), King Monkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. Moreover, thanks to Hoong Asawametikapong, current graduate student and every participant for this great opportunity. We determine to improve urban living standard by supporting local enterprises!


Photo credit: Hoong Asawametikapong

Date: June 7th, 2018

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