Halal Food and Good Taste

Halal Food and Good Taste at Talad Modtanoi

We would like to introduce “Som”, one of our Talad Modtanoi‘s member. She has a dream for her family to lift up the quality of life.

Som used to sell her homemade Halal food online but stopped since the birth of her fourth child. At the moment, her fourth child is still very young so she needs to spend full-time looking after her children at home and could not spare time to cook and deliver her food on a daily basis.

Her family also needs to earn extra income since her second child was diagnosed with kidney disease.
The emerging of Talad Modtanoi ตลาดมดตะนอย, a monthly Halal floating market, gives her an opportunity to sell her homemade Halal food again and earn extra income monthly. Her delicious homemade food such as “Yum Kanom Jeen” and “Mhok-krok”, was sold out quickly every time.

Som can see her economic opportunities through this project. She’s now planning to turn a space in front of her house into a little restaurant along the canal. This will help her earn extra income while looking after her children at home.

Join us and try her delicious homemade Halal food at the fourth monthly “Talad Modtanoi” on Sunday 24th June 2018!

Thank you  Hua Namthip for the English version.

Date: May 10th, 2018

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